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We are dedicated to providing both our buyers and sellers with a personal, confidential and professional service covering antiques, collectors’ items, valuations and a complete clearance service. We take great pride in our reputation and are meticulous in the detail when bringing your items to the market place. We combine the best of today’s technology with the values of our traditional family firm.

All our sales are fully illustrated online and take place on Fridays and Saturdays in our Ivy Road saleroom.

A rare Dunlop sign

sold for £5,900

About Us

Sold for £8,024

15th Century Missal sold for £17,700

A Dinky Toys gift set

sold for £625

A rarely seen agricultural enamel sign sold for £3,660


– We are to sell thousands of nostalgia items from museum closure

The contents of an award-winning East coast museum dedicated to the Victorian era and early 20th century are to be sold exclusively by Chippenham Auction Rooms.


The first of the items from Yesterday’s World, which include a range of highly-collectible enamel signs and advertisements, as well as vintage toys and the contents of several preserved shops, will be sold at auction in Chippenham on Saturday 29 November. Further items will be sold during December and the New Year.


We have won the right to sell exhibits from Yesterday’s World, which is based in Great Yarmouth. Other items to be sold include a full-size working Victorian carousel, wax figures created for Madame Tussauds in London, a taxidermy polar bear, a full size pharmacy. The museum held over 150,000 nostalgia exhibits, Yesterday’s World’s management have stated that the museum houses ‘one of the best social history collections in the UK’.