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A Collection that Richard Edmonds was involved with selling recently

April 12th Auction

'Scott Motorbike recently sold for £8,400'

The motoring auction held at Castle Combe in April proved a tremendous success. This was mainly due to the selling of a private collection of Automobilia amassed over forty years, the first half of which was included in this sale. The sale included approximately thirty glass globes, a large number of enamel signs and general motoring collectables. Private collections such as this rarely come on to the market and it attracted interest from all over the country as well as the Continent. The first section of the sale was mascots, badges and small motoring collectables, which are always popular, the highest price being for a Bentley 3 Litre flying B car mascot at £320.

Such a collection of globes were always going to attract interest and numerous examples made several hundred pounds, however a handful of rare examples exceeded expectations. An Empire Regent Spirit, made only for one year, having an estimate of £600-800, sold for £2300 and an Esso Tractor Vapourising Oil made £620.

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November 1st Auction

A 1926 Austin 12/4 Clifton Tourer

Sold for £15,100

1935 Morris 8 Saloon -

Sold for £1,250

A rare Pratts illuminated double sided sign

Sold for £3,300

On November 1st The Chippenham Auction Rooms held their second Motoring auction of 2008. With our best entry ever, levels of interest were high despite the current economic climate. As always Vintage cars realistically estimated, create interest, and it was one of these, an Austin 12/4 Clifton Tourer of 1926 that didn’t disappoint. Estimated at £13,000-15,000, there were about six interested parties prior to the auction, however it became a battle between two determined bidders, one of whom secured the car at £15,100. A barn fresh Morris 8 of the late 1930’s created a surprising amount of interest. Estimated at a modest and perhaps tempting £400-600, it rocketed to £1,250. Several post war cars sold well the highlights being a 1967 Jaguar Mk II, 2.4 for £5,000 and  a 1969 Mini Cooper also for £5,000.

A Cleveland Discol glass globe - Sold for £420

A good double sided Pickfords pictorial enamel sign

Sold for £1,700

A good GWR Ireland

map sign

Sold for £850

A rare Esso golden glass globe - Sold for £400

The strong Automobilia section was boosted by the second half of a private collection, the first half of which we sold in April. The Chippenham Auction Rooms has developed a large database of collectors and many of them were in attendance keen to buy a piece of this private collection and add to their own. Prices were strong throughout, the highest of which unsurprisingly was one of the rarest items, a Pratts double sided lightbox at £3,300 against pre-sale hopes of £800-1200.

1967 Jaguar Mk II -

Sold for £5,000

Enamel signs have always done very well in Chippenham, and this auction was no exception. A very large and rare Maddox pictorial removals sign sold well at £2,800 and the same local collector bought the second highest priced sign, a Pickfords twin sign in a bronze frame at £1,700. A more unusual French two piece tin sign sold well at a surprising £700. Of the other items the highlights were a very large Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy showroom electroplated model at £1,150 and a lighter fuel dispenser in the form of a petrol pump at £720.

We are planning two more such auctions in 2009, April 18th and October 31st at the same prestigious location of Castle Combe and we are now taking entries for those sales. Please call 01249 444544 and speak to Richard Edmonds.

Sold for £400

Sold for £125

Sold for £290

Sold for £160

Sold for £120

Sold for £700

Sold for £720

Sold for £320

1939 Morris 8

Sold for £350

Sold for £2,800

1969 Mini Cooper

Sold for £5,000

Sold for £88

Our Recent Motoring Auction

A Morris 1000 Traveller

sold for £480

TR6 with brand new fuel injection system

sold for £5,200

                                              We recently held the first of our Motoring Auctions of 2009 at our usual venue of Castle Combe racetrack,          

                                                  near Chippenham and was very well attended. There were numerous new bidders adding to the core buyers

                                                  already aware of these twice yearly auctions. Despite current economic conditions, there seemed no

                                                  shortage of buyers especially at the upper end of the market.

                                                  Amongst the automobilia there were numerous strong prices, the highest coming from the normally very

                                                  strong enamel sign market. It was a rare Pierce farm implements pictorial sign, in excellent condition,

                                                  estimated at £1,000-1,500 but was battled to a record £3,200. It is now destined for a collector overseas, who

                                                  was bidding over the telephone. An AA light box sold for £950, and an AA  twin enamel sign made £500. Most o                                                of the Automobilia sold above expectations and this trend continued with the motorcycles. The highlight of this

                                                  1939 Royal Enfield Flying Flea, guided £600-800, but was eventually battled to £1,050.  A 1930's James

                                                  needing total restoration sold for £850. Amongst the cars a TR6 sold for £5,200, a Morris 8 for £1,000 and a kit

                                                  car for £1,050. The next Motoring Auction will be held at the

same venue of Castle Combe on October 31st. Entries are already being accepted for this sale.

All enquiries to Richard Edmonds on 01249 444544

A 1939 Royal Enfield Flying Flea guided £600-800 eventually sold for £1,050

AA twin enamel sign

sold for £500

Pump sold for £440

Brandon enamel sign

sold for £1,800

An AA light box

sold for £950

A 1930’s James needing total restoration sold for £850

Sold for £3,200